Please Note for this tournament

  • Boxes or laptop computers may be delivered to the Extemp Prep Room between 7:30 – 8:00 am or 9:15 – 9:45 am. Make sure your computers are charged.
  • EXTEMP HAS PRIORITY! If you are in other speech events, be sure you schedule your time so you do not miss your draw time. The times are fixed and if you are late to the prep room, your prep time is shortened. Extemp speaker positions cannot be switched or changed.

Extemporaneous Speaking

Description: In Extemporaneous speaking, the competitor answers a given question based on recent events in the news.The competitor researches national and international current events and may create reference files of newsworthy information. Extemporaneous speech should be regarded as a demonstration of personal knowledge on the topic, as well as an original synthesis of numerous sources.

Goal: To develop a well-informed student who can critically evaluate current issues by expressing his/her position on a given question. The speech should be delivered with credible, pertinent, and sufficient evidence to support his/her position on the topic.

The Resolve Early Tournament will follow the Extemp rules on the Stoa Website

Some Extemporaneous Preparation Rules:

http://1.Competitors should arrive at the Extemp Prep Room before the beginning of their posted preparation time.
2. All file boxes and/or electronic devices must be labeled with the name of the competitor and/or club.
3. The parent of the competitor or the coach of the club owning the files must provide permission to the Proctor for any other student to use the files.
4. If computers are shared, open files must be closed before use by others.
5. Competitors may not be in the Extemp Prep Room during the round except during their own prep time.
6. Each competitor must do his own work and must not ask for topic information from anyone else.
7. Competitors may not use cell phones or any other electronic device to contact anyone outside the room during prep time.
8. Competitors may not talk in the Extemp Prep Room.
9. Competitors must put away files and clean up prep area before leaving the Extemp Prep Room.
10. Electronic device screens must be visible to the Proctor at all times.
11. Speakers are timed to speak every 10 minutes. Competitors are expected to speak immediately at the end of their preparation time just as in all other limited prep events.

For more on the rules go to:

Extemp Rules
Extemp Room Protocol

Liability - Please read carefully

1. Students must accept full responsibility for the safety and security of their electronic devices for the duration of the tournament.
2. Tournament staff are not responsible for the devices at any time.
3. All electronic devices should be clearly labeled with the participants name and contact information.